Shipping from Turkey to Spain

Spain is one of Turkey’s largest trading partners. Spain is also a member of the European Union, which has an FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with Turkey. Even though Turkey is not a part of the EU, it is still one of the significant partners when it comes to trading. Thus it is good to consider Turkey when considering where to import goods into the EU. This article discusses shipping from Turkey to Spain and shows the pros and cons of various ways of shipping.

Turkey and Spain’s trade relations

Turkey’s potential for trading is enormous, especially regarding export. According to OEC, in six years, Turkey drastically developed in terms of export, going from $158B in 2016 to $254B in 2022.

The primary exported goods from Turkey to Spain are:

  • Non-Knit Women’s Suits
  • Cars
  • Coated Flat-Rolled Iron
  • Knit Sweaters
  • Hot-Rolled Iron
  • Motor vehicles; parts and accessories

The top exports of Spain’s most exported goods are cars, raw zinc, cyclic hydrocarbons, motor vehicles, parts and accessories, refined petroleum, and propylene polymers.

Shipping from Turkey to Spain

There are two major ways of shipping from Turkey to Spain – sea freight and air freight. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the type of exported product and the company’s needs, one is always better than the other.

Even though sea freight is cheaper than air freight, it’s also much slower and less safe. Air shipping will cost you more; however, it is a better option when products have to come fresh and safe.

Sea freight from Turkey to Spain

One of the most necessary parts when choosing sea shipping is choosing between FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load).

How long does it take to ship from Turkey to Spain by sea?

Usually, the transit time of shipping cargo from Turkey to Spain takes two weeks; however, depending on the chosen port of destination and port of origin, it may take longer.

Top cargo seaports in Turkey

  • Haydarpasa Port
  • Port of Ambarlı
  • Port of Izmir
  • Port of Mersin
Seaports in Turkey

Top cargo seaports in Spain

  • Port of Algeciras
  • Port of Valencia
  • Port of Barcelona
  • Port of Bilbao
  • Port of Castellon
Seaports in Spain

Air freight from Turkey to Spain

Air shipping is often a more expensive option than sea freight. Its main advantage over sea freight is being way faster.

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How long does it take to ship from Turkey to Spain by air?

Shipping from Turkey to Spain by air freight takes 3 to 4 days. However, it may take longer, depending on the weather condition.

Top cargo airports in Turkey

  • Istanbul Airport
  • Sabiha Gokchen Airport
Airports in Turkey

Top cargo airports in Spain

  • Madrid-Bajaras Airport
  • Zaragoza Airport
  • Barcelona El-Prat Airport
  • Vitoria Airport
Airports in Spain

How much does it cost to ship from Turkey to Spain?

The price of shipping from Turkey to Spain may differ, depending on whether it is sea or air freight, the volume of goods, and other factors. Before choosing the way of shipping, it is good to consider the price of both methods; however, how to find a trustworthy forwarder?

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