Shipping from Turkey to the UK

Trade between Turkey and the UK has grown by 70% during the last decade. In 2019, the value of goods bought by importers in the UK from Turkey was approximately 12.1 billion US. The development of trade between these countries is mainly due to their Trade Agreement, which influences, e.g., tariffs on various goods. The UK primarily imports vehicles, pearls, precious stones, and machinery from Turkey. Before carrying out the import process, it’s crucial to get acquainted with available means of transport. We present all you need to know about shipping from Turkey to the UK.

Shipping from Turkey to the UK – Means of transport


Airfreight is the fastest and the safest way to transport your goods. It’s recommended mostly for small shipments, valuable products, or fragile ones. Due to its short transit time, it’s also used by the importers of articles with short expiry date like, e.g., food. Air transport is also a good option for delivering flowers or pharmaceutical products. However, one must keep in mind that while it’s the most convenient method to transport goods, it’s also the most expensive one.

Before organising transport between Turkey and the UK by air, check the most important cargo airports in both of these countries:

Main cargo airports in Turkey

  • Istanbul Airport (IST)
  • Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB)
Main cargo airports in Turkey

Main cargo airports in the UK

  • London Heathrow (LHR)
  • East Midlands Airport (EMA)
  • Manchester Airport (MAN)
Main cargo airports in the UK

Sea freight

Sea freight is the most commonly used mean of transporting cargo in international trade. It’s mainly due to relatively low prices and the possibility of delivering goods in containers. When you choose sea freight, you have to decide between FCL and LCL transport. FCL means Full Container Load and stands for full container transport. Importers choose it to transit larger loads, often undersized. On the other hand, LCL is used mostly for smaller goods in a smaller quantity. In this case, you will share a container with other recipients.

Get to know the main cargo seaports in Turkey and the UK:

Main cargo seaports in Turkey

  • Port of Ambarli
  • Port of Haydarpaşa
  • Port of Mersin
  • Port of İzmir
Main cargo seaports in Turkey

Main cargo seaports in the UK

  • Port of Felixstowe
  • Port of Southampton
  • Port of London
  • Port of Immingham
Main cargo seaports in the UK

Road freight

Some forwarders also organise road freight from Turkey to the UK. Road freight may be an excellent alternative to previously mentioned means of transport. It’s definitely cheaper than costly airfreight and faster than sea freight. What’s more, it allows door-to-door delivery, which is incredibly convenient. This way, you don’t have to organise multimodal transportation of your goods; you simply rely on one method.

Shipping from Turkey to the UK – Costs

Before choosing the way of transport, we recommend you compare various offers from different forwarders. The final price will change depending on the type of cargo, its properties, method of transit, and the chosen freight operator. Through ShipHub, you will quickly receive an in-depth quote on your international shipment. Just fill in the form on the website, and the available carriers will send you their offers.

Costs of shipping from Turkey to the UK

Shipping from Turkey to the UK – Summary

Trade exchange between Turkey and the UK keeps growing. When transporting goods between these two countries, importers can choose from various methods. The fastest but also the most expensive one is airfreight. If you want to save money and don’t attach such importance to quick delivery, sea freight is the right choice. A good alternative to both of these means of transport is road freight, which allows door-to-door delivery. Before making a final choice, compare offers from at least a few forwarders and decide which is the best one for you.

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