Germany-Taiwan shipping route

A new Germany-Taiwan connection has been established. It connects Europe, mainland China, and Taiwan by rail and sea freight. How long does it take to ship from Germany to Taiwan by this intermodal route?

Germany-Taiwan shipping route

Germany-Taiwan shipping route is a new rail-sea multimodal route connecting Taiwan, Wuhan, and Duisburg. It was officially opened as the first container was loaded on a train in Duisburg in early April. It was transported by freight train to Wuhan in East China via the China-Kazakhstan border crossing port of Alashankou. In the second week of April, the container left from Wuhan to Taiwan’s Port of Keelung via Ningbo Port. To make the journey smoother, Wuhan Customs and Ningbo Customs have established a coordination and linkage mechanism to provide timely customs clearance of goods.

Germany-Taiwan shipping route on the map

It is a new multimodal transportation route that provides a completely new solution for shipping goods between Taiwan and Europe. Integrating rail and sea freight makes it possible to enjoy the advantages of both modes of transportation.

The Germany-Taiwan new shipping route is an addition to the ever-expanding Belt and Road Initiative. The main operator of China Railway Express that runs most of the trains within the BRI, Hanou International, has already opened multiple transit trade channels, including “Japan-Wuhan-Europe/Mongolia” multimodal transport, a two-way “Korea-Wuhan-Europe” route, and “Europe-Wuhan-Hong Kong.” These routes strengthen Wuhan as a leading international logistics hub in the region.

How long does it take to ship from Germany to Taiwan?

The transit time from Duisburg in the western part of Germany to Keelung in Taiwan via the new route is around 30 days. It also means the shipping process is 14 days shorter than only sea freight. It not only takes less time but also is more environmentally friendly and cheaper when it comes to logistics costs. 

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