Top 10 manufacturing countries

Manufacturing industries make up about 17% of the global GDP. Unsurprisingly, the top 10 manufacturing countries in the world are also the biggest economies. Review the list to determine which country you want to outsource your production needs to. Which country is the world’s manufacturing superpower?

Top 10 manufacturing countries

Manufacturing, value added (current US$) – country ranking 

Rank Country Value Year 
China 4,865,827,260,000 2021 
United States 2,497,131,580,000 2021 
Japan 995,308,970,000 2020 
Germany 803,213,140,000 2021 
South Korea 461,104,310,000 2021 
India 443,911,660,000 2021 
Italy 314,095,610,000 2021 
United Kingdom 274,872,280,000 2021 
France 262,642,860,000 2021 
10 Russia 256,958,270,000 2021 

10. Russia

  • Russia’s manufacturing output in USD 2021: 0.25 trillion
  • Russia’s global manufacturing output: 1.5%
  • Rank change: +1

In 2021, manufacturing activity in Russia hit a six-year high. It is the largest exporter of wheat, semi-finished iron, raw nickel, and pig iron.

If you choose to source from Russia, bear in mind that many countries imposed limited sanctions on Russia.

9. France 

  • France’s manufacturing output in USD 2021: 0.26 trillion
  • France’s global manufacturing output: 1.6%
  • Rank change: -1

Given that France has a stable business climate, it attracts investors from around the world. France’s most important manufacturing branches are vehicles, chemicals, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, food, electronics, and textiles. France is the world’s biggest exporter of aircraft, wine, beauty products, and perfumes.

8. United Kingdom 

  • United Kingdom manufacturing output in USD 2021: 0.27 trillion
  • United Kingdom global manufacturing output: 1.6%
  • Rank change: +1

Manufacturing makes up 9% of the UK’s GDP (the lowest on this list, on par with France), but it is still a major manufacturing hub. Manufacturing accounts for 45% of total exports in the UK. The top exports of the United Kingdom are cars, packaged medicaments, and gas turbines.

7. Italy

  • Italy’s manufacturing output in USD 2021: 0.31 trillion
  • Italy’s global manufacturing output: 1.9%
  • Rank change: –

Italy is the second largest manufacturing country within Europe. It is known for manufacturing machinery, fashion items, automotive parts, food products, and pharmaceuticals.

Italy is the least populated country among the top 10 manufacturing countries. It cannot compete with other countries’ large workforces, so its strength lies in extraordinary know-how strategies.

6. India

  • India’s manufacturing output in USD 2021: 0.44 trillion
  • India’s global manufacturing output: 2.7%
  • Rank change: –

India is the second most populous country and will soon take first place. It has been benefiting from the China-plus-one strategy when businesses locate their operational activities in China and India to diversify. Moreover, the Indian manufacturing industry is projected to be one of the fastest growing sectors; especially, the expansion of the chemicals sector in India is exceptional.

Top 5 manufacturing countries in the world

5. South Korea

  • South Korea’s manufacturing output in USD 2021: 0.46 trillion
  • South Korea’s global manufacturing output: 2.8%
  • Rank change: –

Among the top 10 manufacturing countries, South Korea is second to China in terms of manufacturing as a high percentage of GDP (25%). It is responsible for 90% of Korea’s exports. Its top exports are integrated circuits, cars & motor vehicle parts, refined petroleum, passenger and cargo ships. South Korea boasts a modern infrastructure that makes logistics easier.

4. Germany

  • Germany’s manufacturing output in USD 2021: 0.8 trillion
  • Germany’s global manufacturing output: 4.9%
  • Rank change: –

Germany is the leading nation for manufacturing in Europe. Germany offers first-quality manufacturing in automobiles, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc. German manufacturers are known for their deep commitment to innovation, and the country hosts some of the world’s largest trade events.

3. Japan

  • Japan’s manufacturing output in USD 2020: 0.99 trillion
  • Japan’s global manufacturing output: 6.1%
  • Rank change: –

Japan is made up of thousands of islands. It is known for its cultural exports but also for consumer electronics, automobiles, and metals. Japan is the world’s biggest exporter of machinery having individual functions, large construction vehicles, hot-rolled iron, and electrical capacitors. As one of the big economies, it is a reliable partner.

2. United States

  • United States manufacturing output in USD 2021: 2.49 trillion
  • United States global manufacturing output: 15%
  • Rank change: –

The United States was the world’s top manufacturing hub before China overtook it in the ranking in 2010. Still, with the recent pandemic in mind, there is a trend of reshoring in the US when operational activities are relocated to the original country. It guarantees more stability in supply chain networks.

In terms of exports, the US is the leader in refined petroleum, petroleum gas, medical instruments, gas turbines, and aircraft parts.

What is the top manufacturing country in the world?

1. China

  • China’s manufacturing output in USD 2021: 4.86 trillion
  • China’s global manufacturing output: 27%
  • Rank change: –

The top manufacturing country in the world is China (mainland). It has been holding first place for a decade now. Manufacturing makes up 27% of the nation’s GDP. China is one of the biggest countries and oldest civilizations. Moreover, it is the most populous country and with the highest labor force.

China is the leading exporter and probably the best place to source products since the cost is low and it has extensive production bases. It is no surprise that most importers ship from China.

Top 10 manufacturing countries ranking
10 top manufacturing countries in the world and their share of global manufacturing output

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