New Xi’an–Budapest service

The China-Europe railway network keeps expanding. DB Cargo Eurasia added a new Xi’an–Budapest service. The company launched it to deliver more shipping solutions for its customers. The transit time is 15 days.

About Rail Cargo Group

Rail Cargo Group is a member of ÖBB, Austria’s largest mobility and logistics service provider. It ships over 110 million tons of goods annually in Europe and Asia. In 2023, ÖBB celebrates its 100th anniversary. Throughout the years, freight transport by rail gained importance, especially the China–Europe route. DB Cargo Eurasia is located in 18 European countries and owns locomotives and wagons.

In January 2023, the company opened a subsidiary in Shanghai. It makes it easier to ship goods from China to Europe by train.

Xi’an–Budapest RCG service 

Xi’an–Budapest Rail Cargo Group services
Xi’an to Budapest transport network,

Budapest–Xi’an is the longest route through ÖBB’s rail freight traffic, 7,500 km. RCG offers regular and express Xi’an-Budapest services. When the train arrives in Poland/Hungary, the cargo can travel to destinations in Germany (Duisburg, Hamburg), France, and Spain, but also Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Czechia.

Xi’an–Budapest Express service

Xi’an–Budapest (express) is a direct FCL import connection link from East China to Central and Southeastern Europe. The link goes through Kazakhstan (via Dostyk), Russia, and Ukraine (via Zahony), providing the fastest service between China and Hungary. The transit time is 11-15 days. It has a fixed timetable of one round trip per week.

Xi’an–Budapest regular service

Xi’an–Budapest (regular) service provides a transport solution not only for importing goods from China to European countries but also for exporting goods from Hungary (and other countries along the way) to China. The train goes to Budapest via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Slovakia. It makes one round trip per week, and the transit time is around 15 days.

New Xi’an–Budapest service via Poland

The first train serving the new China–Hungary link carried a mix of industrial and consumer cargo, including electronics, car parts, heating equipment, and machinery. It will run regularly, one trip a month. In Q2 2023, the service will be expanded to a weekly or biweekly roundtrip.

Xi’an is number one among cities operating the China–Europe freight service. In 2022, Xi’an handled over 4,600 freight trains to/from Europe (a 20% year-on-year increase) and 4 million tons of goods (a 43% annual increase).

Image: Liu Xiang

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