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One of the best ways to look for a trade partner is to visit a trade fair. They’re organized worldwide and cover various industries. If you’re searching for a supplier of kitchenware and household utensils, consider visiting ZUCHEX. It’s an event organized in Turkey that focuses mostly on tableware and home décor, and appliances. Find out more about ZUCHEX!

What is ZUCHEX about?

ZUCHEX is a trade fair taking place in Istanbul annually in September. It attracts over 650 exhibitors and 37,000 visitors (approximately 7,000 of them coming from overseas). In the 100,000m2 venue, the fair gathers porcelain, ceramics, cutlery, wooden products, cookware, storage boxes, outdoor furniture, cleaning equipment, home appliances, and many more, all in one place.

During ZUCHEX, participants grant access to the following product groups:

  • Table and Kitchenware;
  • Cookware;
  • Plastic Housewares/Garden Accessories;
  • Household Goods;
  • Decorative Home and Kitchenware;
  • Electrical Appliances.

An exhibitor list is available on the official website of the fair. Thus, you can browse them anytime, check their offers, and placement in the event’s venue. 

ZUCHEX is a great opportunity to learn about the upcoming trends in the industry and share your experience with other participants. Moreover, if you attend the fair, you can check the quality of the goods on the spot, get immediate answers to your questions, and decide, if it’s worth doing business with a supplier.

ZUCHEX - Exhibition
Source: https://en.zuchex.com/

How to register for ZUCHEX?

Registering for ZUCHEX is a simple process. To do it, visit the event’s official website first. Then, on its home page’s right corner, choose the “REGISTER NOW” or “BOOK YOUR STAND” option, depending on your purpose of attending the fair. The website will redirect you to the next step – registration. In both cases, you will be asked to provide all the necessary information about you, your company, and its business scope.

In the pictures shown below, we present the registration process for the visitors of ZUCHEX.

ZUCHEX - Home Page
Register for ZUCHEX


ZUCHEX is an excellent opportunity for both exporters and importers of kitchenware, cookware, household utensils and appliances, and many more. Mainly, it allows getting acquainted with the exhibitors’ offers on-site, inquire about their products, and check their quality.

More details about ZUCHEX on the fair’s official website:


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