The largest cargo airports in North America – TOP 5

Airfreight is the fastest way of shipping goods, especially over long distances. Short transit is important, for example, for companies shipping pharmaceutical products or seasonal goods. It is a good choice of transportation for all kinds of small, light products. Cargo airports around the world make efforts to ensure that goods reach consumers in both the fastest and safest way. In the article below, we will introduce the largest cargo airports in North America.

The largest cargo airports in North America – TOP 5

1. Memphis International Airport – the largest cargo airport in North America

According to the Airports Council International – ACI, the international airport in Memphis maintains its position as the busiest cargo airport in North America and the second-largest of its kind worldwide. The only one ahead of it is the airport in Hong Kong.

Memphis International Airport is a FedEx Superhub, as the company handles almost 99% of its cargo there. The airport in Memphis has over 160 aircraft gates.

cargo airports in North America FedEx

2. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Anchorage takes second place in terms of cargo transport among airplanes in the USA and fourth place among the busiest transport hubs in the world.

Anchorage airport played a crucial role as a station to the west and east. Due to its strategic location, it is considered the main air transport hub between many points in North America and Asia. The main operators in Anchorage are FedEx and UPS. The airport is also a stopover for airplanes from low-cost airlines, in order to fill their fuel shortage.

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3. Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport was named in honor of the world-famous boxer from Louisville. The facility takes third place among cargo airports in North America. In the global ranking, counting the whole number of handled loads, it ranks sixth.

The Louisville Muhammad Ali airport is home to a UPS (United Parcel Service) Worldport hub.

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

4. Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport (MIA) plays a crucial role in the commercial status of Miami-Dade County. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) designated Miami Airport as the pharmaceutical cargo hub and trusted industry leader in pharmaceutical transportation, making it the first in the western hemisphere and the second in the world to receive such a designation.

There are seven carriers operating at Miami Airport: Alliance Ground International, Animal Air Service, Cargo Force, National Airport Services, StratAir Llc, Swissport Cargo Services, and Worldwide Flight Services. The mentioned reloading service providers cooperate with passenger and freight airlines, as well as local and international companies.

Over 100 airlines at MIA participate in year-round, two-way cargo traffic, thus connecting North and South America with the rapidly developing markets of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the rest of the world. The most often handled operations include the shipment of pharmaceutical, electronic, agricultural, and other perishable products, fish, livestock, and other animals, as well as fashionable clothing and electronic equipment.


5. Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport LAX ranks fourth among the busiest airports in the world. ACI data state that the importance of this facility increases in the global rankings of cargo operations.

Most of California’s industrial companies are placed in Los Angeles. The city is also the center of US banks that handle international operations, as well as companies in the entertainment, electronics, bio-medic, computer, and airspace industries. More than 800 freight forwarders and 360 brokerage houses operating in this region are involved in trading in this area.

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