CMA CGM fights against the coronavirus

COVID-19 is taking its toll all over the world. CMA CGM Group, one of the world leaders in maritime transport, has joined forces with its subsidiary company CEVA Logistics AG to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Their logistical bridge enables fast transport of medical goods from China to France for those in need. However, the enterprises are doing much more to ease the situation. See how CMA CGM fights against the coronavirus.

CMA CGM fights against the coronavirus

The number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing, and the purchase of medical masks and necessary medical equipment is difficult. Therefore, the French liner giant CMA CGM Group and the global logistics operator CEVA have decided to contribute to improving the situation. In four days, twenty million masks and necessary medical supplies were transported from France to China by charter planes. But that’s not all. Scheduled flights will take place twice a week. Medical devices and masks will be distributed mainly to nursing homes, hospitals, and retail businesses. 

CEVA Logistics also reports that it is implementing a similar logistical bridge from China to Latin America and the United States. In addition, the company distributes COVID-19 test kits across US states, both by road and air transport.

CEVA took charge of bringing one million masks to the Spanish health service. It was Huawei who donated the masks. But in most countries where the coronavirus is a serious matter, medical personnel are not equipped with enough sets of protective clothing. Therefore, CEVA is building a server farm to host 3D printers in the south-east of England to produce and deliver personal protective equipment to hospitals.

Employees at CMA CGM offices around the world have switched to remote working. The online platform My CMA CGM is available for the liner’s customers, where they can place bookings, manage documentation, and much more without leaving home. Also, CMA offers the Delay in Transit solution that allows customers to store containers in dedicated hubs until they can be picked up. The company prioritizes the fast transport of urgent shipments, especially food, medical, and pharmaceutical products.

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