Door-to-door transport

International forwarding is a branch of the economy that is continually developing and generating significant income. More and more companies are trying to facilitate the transportation of goods to importers or exporters. One of such facilities is door-to-door transport, which mainly concerns multimodal transport. Importers often choose a door-to-door service for orders related to international and intercontinental forwarding.

What is door-to-door transport?

Door-to-door transport means full forwarding service, from the moment of receipt of the goods from the supplier to the moment of its delivery to the recipient, also including all necessary formalities.

The service may be operated by a train or a truck, however, it is particularly advantageous when using multimodal transport based on container transport.

More about transport

Door-to-door is often referred to as a specific form of transport, which consists of the implementation by a single forwarder of the entire transport organization. This is also one of the most significant benefits for the customer choosing multimodal transport, which thanks to the door-to-door service have improved.

How does it work?

Forwarders carry out the ordered service, meet the requirements of customers, and also, they take responsibility for all stages through which the goods pass. In the beginning, forwarders thoroughly analyze the route of transport of goods, to reduce time and delivery costs. Each customer is taken into account individually, and the forwarding company adapts to his needs. Then an appropriate container that is adapted to the transported goods is selected (e.g., refrigerated container).

Door-to-door transport

The entire freight transport process is also very efficient. The freight forwarding company at the beginning receives the goods from the customer, and also deals with the whole loading process. At the moment when it is international transport, after reaching the destination, the forwarder also deals with formalities related to the clearance of goods.

What do shipping companies consider when organizing a door-to-door service?

Freight forwarding companies, offering a door-to-door service when accepting the order take into account several important issues, including:

  • They thoroughly analyze the route, to optimize costs and transport time if it’s possible.
  • They reserve space on the ship or the train in advance.
  • They choose the right container adapted to the size and type of transport.
  • They search for suitable carriers for the implementation of individual sections of the route.

Door-to-door transport – benefits of using

The use of the door-to-door service optimizes transport in terms of costs and time. The whole process runs smoothly and very quickly, due to the use of containers. This is related to the use of one unit of cargo. Regardless of the means of transport used, reloading of goods when changing the form of transport is not necessary.

More benefits

Also, it is a very convenient form of transport for the ordering party himself, who does not have to deal with formalities resulting from international transport. Furthermore, the forwarder takes full responsibility for transport.

Another benefit is the security issue. Thanks to the fact that the goods are transported using one unit of cargo, you do not need to repack it, which makes it much easier to avoid theft or loss of the goods.

Who is the door-to-door form recommended for?

This offer will appeal to all entrepreneurs, whose goal is to optimize the transport of goods, for which the time of delivery is the priority. Both large enterprises and small enterprises decide on this type of commodity.

When choosing a door-to-door form, it is worth following the opinions and experience of forwarding companies.

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