MSC Air Cargo

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), one of the biggest companies in transportation and logistics, is developing a new MSC Air Cargo service. It is joining other container lines that expand services in the aviation business.

MSC Air Cargo

Some time ago, we covered the story of Maersk reentering the air freight business. Now, it is time for MSC to tap into the air freight market. Going into the aviation business is the MSC’s response to customer demand. The air freight service will complement its core business, container shipping. 

It has been in the works for several months. MSC air freight service will be available from early 2023 after taking delivery of the first of four MSC-branded Boeing 777-200F aircraft (maximum payload is 116 tons). The operator of the aircraft will be Atlas Air, a subsidiary of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. 

Jannie Davel, who had acquired professional experience in Delta Cargo, Emirates SkyCargo, and DHL as an executive in the air freight industry, has taken charge of developing the MSC air cargo business. Some say that MSC will deal better in aviation than Maersk and CMA CGM. 

MSC Chief Executive Officer Soren Toft said: “We are delighted to announce the development of MSC Air Cargo and to welcome Jannie Davel to spearhead this exciting new offering for MSC clients. This is our first step into this market and we plan to continue exploring various avenues to develop air cargo in a way that complements our core business of container shipping.” 

MSC, with headquarters in Geneva, is the world’s largest container line, controlling 17.4% of the global container-carrying capacity. MSC’s shipping line sails on more than 260 trade routes, calling at 520 ports. It has 675 offices across 155 countries worldwide, with the MSC Group employing over 150,000 people. By joining other container lines in the aviation business, it is expanding its services to cater to customers’ different needs. Seems like diversification is the future of freight.

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