MSC’s comment on the COVID-19 situation

Many industries have been affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19. It has disrupted the global supply chain, causing losses to many companies. What do they have to say about the situation? How does the MSC, the world’s second-largest shipping line in terms of container vessel capacity, deal with the issue? Check MSC’s comment on the COVID-19 situation.

MSC’s comment on the COVID-19 situation

The Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) CEO and group president Diego Aponte has spoken about the COVID-19 situation. He expressed his thoughts in an open letter posted on the MSC site.

In the letter, he recognizes the important role of shipping and logistics service as it sustains peoples’ lives all over the globe. Having called the company “an essential cog for global trade,” he acknowledges the need to ensure the safety and health of MSC seafarers for smooth performance.

Moreover, he declares that the shipping line is implementing new solutions and innovating to adapt to the current global situation. For example, MSC’s new Suspension of Transit program helps shippers begin relocating goods ahead in anticipation of a resumption in demand. In Europe, shippers can avoid new land-border blockages created by governments in order to keep the virus from further spreading on the continent. For higher efficiency, through the internal information-sharing system, MSC advises its customers on how to operate in current circumstances. MSC also prioritizes the development of its online booking platform, myMSC to meet the requirements, as more and more use online platforms.

When it comes to the company staff itself, the CEO introduced travel restrictions already in January 2020. In cases it was possible, the company implemented remote work, allowing the personel to work outside of a traditional office environment and practice social distancing. Furthermore, in the letter, Aponte expressed his gratitude to all MSC workers and customers for their commitment, especially to the ones throughout the logistics chain, who do not have the chance to work from home.

To increase the number of hospital beds for those in need, the company converted a passenger ferry vessel from Italian Grandi Navi Veloci, part of the MSC Group, into a floating hospital. In reference to China’s recovery after the lockdown, Aponte has a bright outlook for the future. He sympathizes with everybody who got affected by the outbreak and hopes that the experience will make us stronger and wiser.

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