Shipping from Shenzhen to Antwerp

The shipping relationship between China and Belgium is significant due to their economic ties and trade activities. Both countries are major players in the global trade network, and their shipping connection has evolved over the years. In this article, we will present the ways of shipping from Shenzhen to Antwerp.


Shenzhen, often called the “Electronics Capital,” is vital in the global electronics industry. This dynamic city has earned its reputation as a manufacturing powerhouse, particularly regarding high-tech electronics. Within the industrially prolific Guangdong province, Shenzhen contributes significantly to the province’s robust production landscape. This collective effort reinforces Shenzhen’s status as a prominent center for technological innovation and manufacturing excellence.

Relations between China and Belgium

China and Belgium have a substantial trade volume, with China being one of Belgium’s major trading partners. The shipping relationship between the two countries is driven by the exchange of goods such as electronics, machinery, textiles, chemicals, and more.

Please refer to our article for information on other cargo routes between China and Belgium.

Top exported goods from Shenzhen to Antwerp

Shenzhen is a major industrial and manufacturing hub in China, and Antwerp is a prominent port city in Belgium. The trade relationship between these two cities involves a variety of goods. Here are some categories of goods that are important in exports from Shenzhen to Antwerp:

  • Electronics and electrical equipment
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Textiles and apparel
  • Furniture
  • Plastics and plastic products
  • Toys and games
  • Footwear
  • Optical and photographic equipment
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What are the methods of shipping from Shenzhen to Antwerp?

Sea freight from Shenzhen to Antwerp

Moving commodities from Shenzhen in China to Antwerp, Belgium, usually means shipping by sea. Antwerp stands as one of the most prominent and bustling ports across Europe, positioning it as a pivotal nexus for global shipping operations.

Sea freight transit time from Shenzhen to Antwerp can vary based on several factors, including the shipping route, the specific shipping company, weather conditions, and any potential port congestion. However, as a general estimate, the transit time for sea freight between these two locations typically ranges from around 20 to 35 days.

The Port of Shenzhen is a major seaport located in southern China, adjacent to Hong Kong. It is one of the busiest and most significant ports in the world, playing a pivotal role in China’s economy and global trade. The Port of Shenzhen is a collection of several ports and terminals, each specializing in different types of cargo and services.

Shenzhen seaport

The Port of Antwerp is one of the largest and most important European seaports located in Antwerp, Belgium. It serves as a vital gateway for international trade and commerce, handling a wide range of cargo and offering comprehensive logistics services.

Antwerp sea port

Air freight from Shenzhen to Antwerp

Air shipping from Shenzhen to Antwerp is a faster but generally more expensive option than ocean freight.

The transit time for air shipments between Shenzhen and Antwerp is typically around 1 to 3 days, making it a preferred choice for time-sensitive shipments.

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport is a major cargo airport in Shenzhen, China. While it primarily handles passenger flights, it also plays a significant role in air freight and cargo transportation due to its location in the heart of China’s manufacturing hub.

Shenzhen airport

Antwerp International Airport, also known as Antwerp Deurne Airport, serves as a regional airport in Antwerp, Belgium. While it is a smaller airport than other international airports, it has limited cargo operations in addition to its passenger services.

Antwerp airport

Train freight from Shenzhen to Antwerp

There is no direct railway connection between Shenzhen and Antwerp, but thanks to the rail connections between China and Europe, the option of multimodal transportation is utilized in such cases. This approach involves combining various modes of transportation to ship.

Shipping cargo by rail from Shenzhen to Antwerp involves a complex and multimodal journey that combines rail and road transportation. The route typically follows the “China-Europe Railway Express,” a network of rail connections that facilitate the movement of goods between China and Europe.

The cargo is transported by train from Shenzhen to a designated Chinese city with a railway connection to Europe. Various routes are available, passing through countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Poland.

Shipping from Shenzhen to Antwerp by train

How much does shipping from Shenzhen to Antwerp cost?

This information shows that transportation expenses are subject to fluctuations based on the chosen mode of transport and the attributes of the merchandise being transported. Attempting to forecast these costs independently can present difficulties.

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