Top container ports in China 2021

Sea container transportation is the most popular method of shipping goods. China is the largest exporter of products, so it is given that the performance of its ports is high. It is no surprise that more than half of the ten busiest ports in the world are in China. In this article, we present the top container ports in China 2021.

Top container ports in China 2021

Top ports in China

10. Port of Yingkou

The port of Yingkou is in Liaoning Province in the northern part of China. It merged with Dalian Port Group in February 2021. The port suffered a significant year‑on‑year throughput decline.

Container throughput of port Yingkou in 2021 in m TEU: 5,21

Year-on-year volume gain: -7,8%

Yinkgou Port
Port of Yingkou,

9. Port of Beibuwan

Port in the Beibu Gulf (Beibuwan) in Guangxi Province belongs to Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group. In 2021, its throughput exceeded 6 million TEU for the first time.

Container throughput of port Beibuwan in 2021 in m TEU: 6,01

Year-on-year volume gain: 19% (the largest growth on the list)

Beibuwan Port
Port of Beibuwan,

8. Port of Xiamen

The port of Xiamen, located in Fujian Province, is one of the largest ports in China. It secured a spot in the world’s first 20 top container ports. Xiamen port is one of the crucial ones for the cross-Strait trade.

Container throughput of port Xiamen in 2021 in m TEU: 12,05

Year-on-year volume gain: 5,6%

Xiamen Port
Port of Xiamen,

7. Port of Hong Kong

The port of Hong Kong in the Special Administrative Region of the PRC is one of the busiest ports in the world. There are nine container terminals in the Kwai Tsing area.

Container throughput of port Hong Kong in 2021 in m TEU: 17,77 (estimated)

Year-on-year volume gain: -1,1%

Hong Kong Port
Port of Hong Kong,

6. Port of Tianjin

The port of Tianjin is the largest in the Northern region of China and the “gateway for Beijing.” It is situated in Bohai Bay. One of the PRC’s first experimental free trade zones was established in Tianjin.

Container throughput of port Tianjin in 2021 in m TEU: 20,27

Year-on-year volume gain: 10,4%

Tianjin Port
Port of Tianjin,

Top container ports in China 2021 – the biggest five ports

5. Port of Qingdao

The port near Qingdao city is located in Jiaozhou Bay in Shandong Province. Qingdao Port has services in more than 400 ports around the world.

Container throughput of port Qingdao in 2021 in m TEU: 23,71

Year-on-year volume gain: 7,8%

Top container ports in China 2021 Qingdao
Port of Qingdao,

4. Port of Guangzhou

The port of Guangzhou in Guangdong Province has been an important port of the Maritime Silk Road for thousands of years. It is an important transportation hub for the surrounding industrial regions in the neighboring provinces.

Container throughput of port Guangzhou in 2021 in m TEU: 24,18

Year-on-year volume gain: 4,4%

Top container ports in China 2021 Guangzhou
Port of Guangzhou, Huang Yongan, Guangzhou Port

3. Port of Shenzhen

The port of Shenzhen was the third busiest in the world until Ningbo-Zhoushan Port surpassed it. It is one of the key ports in Guangdong Province.

Container throughput of port Shenzhen in 2021 in m TEU: 28,77

Year-on-year volume gain: 8,4%

Top container ports in China 2021 Shenzhen
Port of Shenzhen,

2. Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan

The port of Ningbo-Zhoushan is the third-largest container port in the world in terms of throughput. It is in the Yangtze River Delta in the Zhejiang Province – the fastest-growing region of China. Despite the raging typhoon in August 2021, the port maintained its high position in the ranking.

Container throughput of port Ningbo-Zhoushan in 2021 in m TEU: 31,08

Year-on-year volume gain: 8,2%

Top container ports in China 2021 Ningbo Zhoushan
Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, Xinhua News Agency

1. Port of Shanghai

The port of Shanghai has been at the top of the busiest container ports in the world for years. In 2017, the throughput of the port exceeded 40 million TEU, and this trend continues. Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) focuses on innovation and constantly develops infrastructure to increase the port’s container shipping capacity.

Container throughput of port Shanghai in 2021 in m TEU: 47,03

Year-on-year volume gain: 8,1%

Top container ports in China 2021 Shanghai
Port of Shanghai,
Top container ports in China 2021 chart

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