Shipping from China to Egypt

Trade between China and Egypt has been flourishing for years. According to the General Administration of Customs of China, in 2021, there was a noticeable increase in bilateral trade between the two countries, up by 37 percent. The value of exports from China to Egypt was up 34 percent. It proves that Egyptians trust Chinese products, especially from the agricultural, industrial, and technological sectors. In terms of ways of shipping from China to Egypt, goods can be shipped by air or sea. In this article, we will present both methods in detail.

What does Egypt import from China?

The top imports are:

  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Boilers, nuclear reactors, machinery
  • Cars, tramways, bicycles, tractors
  • Manmade filaments
  • Plastics.

If you want to ship your goods from China to Egypt, you should research the best method for your shipment. Moreover, you should get familiar with all the procedures and requirements, as well as cultural aspects such as customs, restrictions, etc. It is also important to check what products are the most sought-after in Egypt.

Shipping from China to Egypt

Sea freight from China to Egypt

Sea freight is the most popular method of transportation. Its popularity is due to its capacity; you can ship Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL). Even though sea shipping takes longer than other ways, importers often choose this method because it’s relatively much cheaper.

How long does it take to ship from China to Egypt by sea?

35 days is the average time to ship goods from China to Egypt via sea freight.

Major cargo seaports in China:

  • Port of Shanghai is China’s largest cargo shipping port, as well as the biggest in the world. Every year this port handles more containers than any other Chinese port.
  • Port of Shenzhen handles more than 24M TEUs of cargo every year, which makes it the world’s fourth biggest cargo port.
  • Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, China’s busiest port in terms of cargo throughput.
  • Port of Guangzhou is a very important transportation hub for the region of the Pearl River Delta.
  • Port of Hong Kong is one of the busiest ports in the world in terms of shipping movements and handling cargo.
Seaports in China

Major cargo seaports in Egypt:

  • Alexandria Port is considered Egypt’s most important port, handling more than three-quarters of the country’s foreign trade.
  • Damietta Port has been undergoing many development projects and now can welcome huge, modern ships.
  • Port Said is located at the Suez Canal and links Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
Seaports in Egypt

Examples of sea freight distance from China to Egypt:

  • From Shenzhen to Alexandria – 22 days
  • From Shanghai to Port Said – 24 days
  • From Ningbo to Damietta – 29 days
  • From Guangzhou to Alexandria – 20 days

Sea shipping lines that offer shipping from China to Egypt:

  • Maersk
  • The Hapag-Lloyd Group
  • MSC

Air freight from China to Egypt

Short transit time is important when shipping perishable products such as flowers or food. Although air transportation is more expensive than sea shipping, it is definitely safer. It is recommended to choose air freight when importing high-value products.

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How long does air freight from China to Egypt take?

Shipping goods by air from China to Egypt takes around 3 to 7 days, which is much faster than by sea.

Major Chinese airports:

  • Capital International Airport in Beijing handles over 2 million tons of cargo year on year; it is the third largest cargo airport in China.
  • International Airport in Shanghai, the world’s third largest cargo airport, handles over 3.1 million tons of cargo every year.
  • Shenzhen International is a cargo airport in southern China that handles 1 million tons of cargo annually.
  • Hong Kong International Airport is the largest cargo airport in the world. Its greatest advantages are its geographical location, modern facilities, and capacity to handle cargo.
Airports in China

Major airports in Egypt:

  • Cairo Airport, the largest and busiest airport in Egypt, is the main hub for EgyptAir, EgyptAir Express, Nile Air, and a few other airlines. The airport handles a capacity of 400,000 tons of cargo annually.
  • Hurghada Airport is the second busiest airport in Egypt.
  • Sharm El Sheikh Airport is the third-busiest airport in Egypt.
  • Marsa Alam Airport serves the eastern Egyptian Red Sea.
Airports in Egypt

Air shipping lines that offer shipping from China to Egypt:

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • FedEx

How much does shipping from China to Egypt cost?

There are two shipping methods from China to Egypt, air and sea freight. Sea shipping is the more popular option because of its capacity and price. However, shipping by aircraft is the faster way to go, but more expensive. If you want to check the shipping price between China and Egypt to choose the best offer, compare the offers of different forwarders.

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