Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Currently, China is Saudi Arabia’s most significant trading partner. Saudi Arabia imports primarily from China and exports mainly to China. Before you start shipping from China to Saudi Arabia, check the shipping methods.

Sourcing from China to Saudi Arabia

What is imported from China to Saudi Arabia?

In 2022 Saudi Arabia’s imports from China amounted to over 36 billion USD. Most frequently imported products include:

  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Vehicles
  • Furniture, lighting signs, prefabricated buildings
  • Iron and steel
  • Plastics
  • Ships and boats

Documents for shipments from China to Saudi Arabia

Before shipping to Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to prepare the required documents, which include the following:

  • Valid commercial import registration
  • Certificate of origin
  • Bill of lading or airway bills
  • Original invoice (in triplicate); must include the value, weight, description, and brand of the goods
  • Packing list
  • Insurance documents
  • SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) Certificate of Conformity
  • A label showing the country of origin on the products
  • Expiration date and ingredients on edible products

The importer must also be present at the time of the clearance. Upon arrival, goods are inspected by the local authorities and subjected to customs duty and taxes.

Packing lists must be visibly displayed on all containers and show the contents. All goods must be labeled with the country of origin.

Items prohibited for shipping to Saudi Arabia

It is important to remember that some products cannot be shipped to Saudi Arabia. The following items are prohibited:

  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Pornography
  • Pork and pork-derived products
  • Drugs
  • Distillery equipment
  • Used clothing
  • Used tires
  • Certain sculptures

Additional permission is required to import certain products, e.g., agricultural seeds, live animals, books, periodicals, religious books, and tapes.

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia

Sea freight is the most economical means of cargo transport due to its high load capacity and low prices. It is usually the most convenient choice for regular shipments especially loads over 100 kg. Sea freight is most suitable for products that are not fragile and perishable.

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How much does shipping from China to Saudi Arabia take?

Shipping time via sea from China to Saudi Arabia may take between two weeks to 40 days, depending on the weather, season, cargo size, and location. It is estimated that port-to-port shipping takes 13-25 days for FCL (Full Container Load) and 16-28 days for LCL (Less than Container Load). In the case of door-to-door services, the time may increase slightly to 22-26 days for FCL and 23-28 for LCL.

There are ten major ports in Saudi Arabia, located either on the coast of the Red Sea or the Persian Gulf.

Red Sea ports

  • Jeddah Islamic Port
  • Jazan Port
  • King Fahad Industrial Port in Yanbu
  • Yanbu Commercial Port
  • Port de Duba

Persian Gulf ports

  • Port of King Abdulaziz in Dammam
  • Port of Ras Al-Khair
  • Jubail Commercial Port
  • Ras al Mishab Port
  • Ras Tanura Port
Sea ports in Saudi Arabia
Sea ports in China

Air freight from China to Saudi Arabia

Air freight is more expensive than sea freight. Still, it is also the most optimal way of shipping fragile or perishable products, urgently needed replacement parts, or high-demand goods. Moreover, shipping by air does not require the goods to be unloaded and loaded multiple times, so it is a safer option.

How long does air freight from China to Saudi Arabia take?

It takes 3 to 9 days to ship from China to Saudi Arabia by air.

Major airports in Saudi Arabia

  • King Khalid International Airport
  • King Abdulaziz International Airport
  • King Fahad International Airport
  • Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport
Airports in Saudi Arabia
Airports in China

How much does it cost to ship from China to Saudi Arabia

Shipping prices may vary depending on the type of transport, cargo volume, and location. On, you can find reliable freight forwarders and get quotes for free by filling out the forms as shown below:

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