Shipping from Hong Kong to Switzerland

International trade relies heavily on the movement of goods between different countries. The shipping route from Hong Kong to Switzerland is an especially important trade route. These two countries have a strong trade relationship, and shipping from Hong Kong to Switzerland requires advanced logistics. This demonstrates the complexity of modern international trade.

Methods of shipping from Hong Kong to Switzerland

Sea shipping from Hong Kong to Switzerland

Sea shipping is affordable and ideal for large goods. It is slower than air shipping but cheaper. Sea freight is great for less urgent items and is eco-friendly with fewer emissions.

The biggest seaport in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Port, one of the world’s busiest container ports, can handle about a hundred container ships for mooring, loading, and unloading in the meantime.

Hong Kong port on a map

5 major ports in Switzerland

  • Port of Basel
  • Port Of Kleinhüningen
  • Port Of Birsfelden
  • Port Of Muttenz-Auhafen
  • Port of St Johann

The Port of Basel handles various cargoes, including petroleum, liquid fertilizers and chemicals, iron, steel, and dry goods. It has modern facilities that connect water, rail, and road and ample storage capacity.

ports in Switzerland

Air shipping from Hong Kong to Switzerland

Air shipping is fast and precise, perfect for urgent deliveries like perishable goods and electronics. However, airfreight is more expensive than sea shipping. Although air shipping causes more pollution, the aviation industry is working on eco-friendly improvements.

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Cargo airport in Hong Kong

Since 1996, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has held the world’s busiest international cargo airport title. In 2022, it managed a total cargo throughput of 4.2 million tons, contributing to nearly half (48%) of Hong Kong’s external trade value, approximately HK$4,560 billion.

Hong Kong airport on a map

5 busiest airports in Switzerland

  • Zurich Airport
  • Geneva Airport
  • Basel Airport
  • Bern Airport
  • St Gallen Airport

Zurich Airport, considered the busiest airport in the area, boasts an impressive area of over 21,000 square meters divided into 7 modules for efficient operation. This airport is equipped to handle an astonishing amount of over 429,000 cargo tons, making it a crucial hub for cargo transportation.

airports in Switzerland

How much does it cost to ship from Hong Kong to Switzerland?

If you want to calculate the total shipping costs from Hong Kong to Switzerland, you can use a free form provided on ShipHub. Once you have filled out the form per the example, our freight specialists will provide you with a suitable offer.

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