Shipping from the US to Turkey

The trade relations between the US and Turkey are undoubtedly strong. In 2022, exports from the USA to Turkey were estimated to be $14.6 billion. The main products shipped to Turkey from the US are petroleum gas, scrap iron, and raw cotton. In this article, we will cover shipping from the US to Turkey.

Shipping from the US to Turkey

Shipping from the US to Turkey – ocean freight

Due to its cost, ocean freight is a very popular choice among shippers. It offers a high capacity at a low price. However, before deciding on ocean freight, it is important to consider its shipping time and safety measures. Sea shipping is not for perishable or high-value goods.

How long does ocean shipping from the US to Turkey take?

Shipping by ocean freight from the US to Turkey takes around seven weeks.

The main cargo ports in the USA:

  • Port of South Louisiana
  • Port of Houston
  • Port of New York and New Jersey Port Newark
  • Port of Beaumont
Shipping from the US sea ports

The main cargo ports in Turkey:

  • Haydarpasa
  • Ambarlı
  • Izmir
  • Mersin
Shipping to Turkey sea ports

Airfreight from the US to Turkey – airfreight

Airfreight is another choice when it comes to shipping goods between countries. It is worth it if we need to ship products quickly and more safely. However, airfreight comes with a higher price. Unfortunately, due to regulations, the quantity we can ship by cargo plane is much smaller than when we ship by sea.

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How long does air freight from the US to Turkey take?

Air freight from the US to Turkey takes about a week.

The main airports in the USA:

  • Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
  • Denver International Airport
  • O’Hare International Airport
Shipping from the US airports

The main airports in Turkey:

  • Istanbul Airport
  • Antalya Airport
  • Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen Airport
  • Ankara Esenboga Airport
Shipping to Turkey airports

How much does it cost to ship from the US to Turkey?

After deciding how to transport the product, it is time to estimate the shipping costs. The best way is to use a website like, where we can get in touch with reliable freight forwarders who can provide the best quotes for us. See the examples below to learn how to fill out the forms.

Shipping from the US to Turkey – to sum up

We hope this article made the process of looking for the best way to ship goods between the US and Turkey easier for you. Remember that if you need to ship goods that require special conditions quickly, go for airfreight. However, if that does not matter and you want to lower the shipping costs, choose ocean freight.

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