ULCV Ever Alot

The Ever Alot ultra large container vessel is the largest container ship in the world to date. The subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding, was responsible for designing and assembling the containership. The ship’s capacity is over 24,000 TEU, the first container ship to surpass the mark.

Biggest containerships in the world

Ever Alot is bigger than other ultra large container vessels, like Ever Ace, HMM Algeciras, and Madrid Maersk. Ultra large container vessels design:

  • capacity in TEUs: from 14,501 TEUs and higher
  • overall length: from 366 meters and longer (1,200 feet)
  • beam width: from 49 meters and wider (160,7 feet)
  • draught: from 15,2 meters and deeper (49,9 feet).

Ultra large container vessels can navigate through Suez Canal.

ULCV Ever Alot

Although the ULCV Ever Alot was built in China, it is owned by a Taiwanese ship operator Evergreen Marine (its subsidiary Greencompass Marine S.A. to be exact), and bears the flag of Panama. The ship will mainly serve trade routes between the Far East and Europe.

The hydrodynamic optimization technology allows to ship heavy loads at high speed and low fuel consumption. Introduced technological solutions reduced carbon emissions by 13.5% per container compared to a traditional fueled ship with a capacity of 23,000 TEU.

Ever Alot data:

  • capacity in TEUs: 24,004
  • overall length: 399,99 meters (1,312 feet)
  • beam width: 61,5 meters (201 feet)
  • draught: 17 meters (55 feet)
  • deck area: 24,000 square meters.

The Ever Alot is the seventh vessel in the Evergreen A class and the first ship in the world to surpass the 24,000 TEU mark. Already floated six vessels were built by Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea. Even though the dimensions of Ever Ace, Ever Act, Ever Aim, Ever Alp, Ever Arm, and Ever Art are the same as Ever Alot, their capacity is below 24,000 TEU.

A total of thirteen ultra large container vessels for Evergreen Marine are or will be under construction; four are to be built by Hudong-Zhonghua. The Ever Aria will bear the flag of Panama, and the other three – the flag of Singapore.

The Chinese shipbuilding industry is the largest in the world, and Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding is the largest Chinese shipyard. The company is currently building nine 24,000 TEU ultra-large containerships.

Containership capacity has more than tripled in size since the start of the century. The capacity climbed above the 20,00 TEU mark for the first time in 2017, though box dimensions are the same. Check cargo container types.

Photograph: @CSSC_global

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