Top container ports in the EU 2021

Around 90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea. The throughput of ports is measured in TEU (20-foot containers). One of the busiest ports in the world is the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. What were the top container ports in the EU 2021?

Top container ports in the EU 2021

Top container ports in the EU 2021 map

10. Port of Le Havre (FRLEH)

The Port of Le Havre (France) compromises three terminals, one each for shipments to/from Europe, the Atlantic, and the American continents. It dates to the 16th century. The port of HAROPA (Le Havre-Rouen-Paris) achieved the largest increase on the list of the ten busiest ports in the EU in 2021.

Container throughput of port Le Havre in 2021 in m TEU: 2,78

Year-on-year volume gain: 15,35%

Le Havre Port
Port of Le Havre,

9. Port of Gioia Tauro (ITGIT)

The port of Gioia Tauro (Italy) has been in operation since 1995. It is one of the main transshipment hubs in the Mediterranean. The shipping company Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) owns one of the port’s sole container terminals.

Container throughput of port Gioia Tauro in 2021 in m TEU: 3,14

Year-on-year volume gain: -1,56%

Top container ports in the EU 2021 Gioia Tauro
Port of Gioia Tauro,

8. Port of Barcelona (ESBCN)

From the port of Barcelona (Spain), you can ship cargo to 200 ports on five continents. This port specializes in high-value cargo. Moreover, it is conveniently located for shipping to the Far East. The port of Barcelona in 2021 saw a huge increase in TEU volume, second only to Le Havre on this list.

Container throughput of port Barcelona in 2021 in m TEU: 3,32

Year-on-year volume gain: 12,54%

Barcelona Port
Port of Barcelona,

7. Port of Bremen-Bremerhaven (DEBRV)

The port of Bremen-Bremerhaven (Germany) is located at the mouth of the River Weser and compromises eight interconnected ports. It is a key port for breakbulk cargo, cars, machinery, and high-value goods. The port has 14 berths for mega-containerships. In recent years, the port authorities have invested in automation and infrastructure, including railways.

Container throughput of port Bremen-Bremerhaven in 2021 in m TEU: 4,87

Year-on-year volume gain: 2,31%

Bremen-bremerhaven Port
Port of Bremen-Bremerhaven,

6. Port of Algeciras (ESALG)

The port of Algeciras (Spain) links Asian, American, and African ports with Europe. The port is well connected by railroads and expressways. The biggest competitor to Algeciras is the port of Valencia.

Container throughput of port Algeciras in 2021 in m TEU: 5,12

Year-on-year volume gain: 0,25%

Top container ports in the EU 2021 Algeciras
Port of Algeciras,

Top container ports in the EU 2021 – the biggest five ports

5. Port of Valencia (ESVLC)

The port of Valencia (Spain) is one of the key ones in the Mediterranean Corridor. It is the largest container port in Spain, serving a 350-kilometer area responsible for 50% of the country’s GDP. The port authorities strive for zero emission by 2030.

Container throughput of port Valencia in 2021 in m TEU: 5,44

Year-on-year volume gain: 0,36%

Valencia Port
Port of Valencia,

4. Port of Piraeus (GRPIR)

There was a significant increase in throughput volume in the port of Piraeus (Greece) after it came under the ownership of the China Ocean Shipping Group Company (COSCO). The port is conveniently located and has services in ports in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is the only port on the eastern Mediterranean coast to have transshipment infrastructure. After a decline in 2020, the TEU volume exceeded 2019 numbers.

Container throughput of port Piraeus in 2021 in m TEU: 5,65

Year-on-year volume gain: 4%

Piraeus Port
Port of Piraeus,

3. Port of Hamburg (DEHAM)

The port of Hamburg (Germany) has operated since the 12th century and is called the “gateway to the world” of continental Europe. The Altenwerder container terminal is one of the most modern in the world. One of the strengths of the port of Hamburg is the integrated rail terminals that have over 2000 weekly train connections. The port is the base of Hamburg Süd.

Container throughput of port Hamburg in 2021 in m TEU: 9,25

Year-on-year volume gain: 8,83%

Top container ports in the EU 2021 Hamburg
Port of Hamburg,

2. Port of Antwerp (BEANR)

The port of Antwerp (Belgium) is the furthest inland seaport in Europe. Over the past two decades, the port’s capacity has doubled. The port is home to the largest container terminal in Europe, MSC PSA European Terminal. As of 2021, it is the first time the throughput volume has decreased in nine years.

Container throughput of port Antwerp in 2021 in m TEU: 11,8

Year-on-year volume gain: -1,91%

Top container ports in the EU 2021 Antwerp
Port of Antwerp,

1. Port of Rotterdam (NLRTM)

The port of Rotterdam (the Netherlands) was the busiest in the world from the 1960s to the 1980s. The port still is the largest in Europe and outside Asia. The port of Rotterdam is located on the North Sea in the Meuse-Rhine delta. A lot of freight comes into the EU via the port of Rotterdam.

Container throughput of port Rotterdam in 2021 in m TEU: 14,8

Year-on-year volume gain: 3,2%

Top Europe Port Rotterdam
Port of Rotterdam,
Top container ports in EU 2021 chart

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