Shipping from Canton

If you source from China, you probably have seen many companies from Guangdong province. And no wonder – it is one of the main manufacturing regions in China. Not only that, but also the capital city of the province – Canton (Guangzhou), houses the biggest Chinese trade fair – the Canton Fair. Especially importers should take an interest in Canton as the city may hold many new opportunities for them. But before you start searching for factories in this area, we want to show you your options regarding shipping from Canton.

Basic information about Canton

Canton (Guangzhou, 广州) is one the biggest cities in China, with an area of 7,434 km² and a population of over 18.5 million. Canton is the capital city of Guangdong Province.

Guangzhou (Canton) map in China

The city is divided into eleven districts:

  • Liwan
  • Yuexiu
  • Haizhu
  • Tianhe
  • Baiyun
  • Huangpu
  • Panyu
  • Huadu
  • Nansha
  • Conghua
  • Zengcheng
DIstricts in Canton (Guangzhou)

In 2022, the value of foreign trade exchange in Guangzhou reached 160 billion dollars. The city alone was responsible for over 13% of foreign trade value in Guangdong province. The pillar industries for the city are textiles, electronics, automobiles, and petrochemicals, but manufacturers from many other sectors have their factories there as well.

Besides wide production possibilities, Canton is conveniently located. It has access to the sea, is close to other Chinese production centers, and is well-connected regarding railway routes. The city has its own seaport and airport, so all modes of transportation are available here.

Canton is also part of the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area, a significant Chinese export hub. Cities that are in GDA are subjects to policies that help them improve and develop. For transportation, especially important are infrastructural projects such as developing local airports or building inter-city railways that will develop connectivity both within the area and outside of it.

What is produced in Guangdong?

As one of the leading manufacturing regions in the country, Guangdong is very well industrially developed. In terms of production, its cities specialize in particular sectors. Knowing what goods are produced where is helpful when looking for new suppliers. What are the production areas in Guangdong?

  • Canton specializes in electronics, equipment, decorations, accessories for households, restaurants and hotels, textiles
  • Shenzhen specializes in electronics, mobile phones, clothing, paintings
  • Zhongshan specializes in lightning, electric household equipment, furniture
  • Foshan specializes in furniture, ceramics, products for babies and children
  • Shantou specializes in toys
  • Dongguan specializes in electronic and electrical equipment, toys, plastics
  • Yunfu specializes in mineral resources, quartz, granite, marble, and pyrite products
  • Jieyang specialized in steel
  • Zhuhai specializes in precision machinery, biotechnology, pharmacy, and petrochemical industries.

What is produced in Canton?

Every city district’s production is centered around different sectors:

  • Liwan focuses on agriculture and aquaculture, such as flowers, vegetables, fish, tea
  • Yuexiu focuses on everyday-use products such as pillows, decorations, and car parts
  • Haizhu focuses on fabrics and garments
  • Tianhe focuses on services within the financial industry
  • Baiyun focuses on clothing, jewelry, accessories, and beauty products
  • Huangpu focuses on electronics, new materials, automobiles, energy, high-end chemicals
  • Panyu focuses on automobiles, gaming devices, and jewelry
  • Huadu focuses on leather, leather products, and synthetic fabrics
  • Nansha focuses on automobiles and the manufacturing industry
  • Conghua focuses on advanced manufacturing industries (for example, bio-medicine, new energy, and new materials)
  • Zengcheng focuses on clothing, especially made from denim.
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Shipping from Canton

Sea freight from Canton

The city has its own seaport – Port of Guangzhou. It is the main seaport in the province and one of China’s biggest seaports. However, when shipping, you may want to use one of the other seaports located in Guangdong province.

Other important seaports in Guangdong:

  • Port of Shenzhen
  • Port of Zhuhai
  • Port of Dongguan

The main advantage of sea freight is price—it is the cheapest option and is also the most suitable for bigger, heavier shipments. The main disadvantage of this option is time, as sea freight usually takes the longest to deliver the goods. Another downside is the location; if your final delivery location is located far inland, the delivery may take longer and generate further costs.

Air freight from Canton

Canton also has its own airport – Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. It is China’s second-busiest airport by cargo traffic and the busiest Chinese airport by passenger traffic.

Other important airports in Guangdong:

  • Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport
  • Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport

Air freight is the faster option for shipping. It is usually chosen for fragile, high-value goods that need to be transported quickly. However, it is the most expensive way. It is not an option for big, bulky shipments.

Land freight from Canton

This is an option for delivery locations in continental Asia and Europe. There are two modes to choose from: railway and road. Land freight usually falls in the middle between sea and air freight in terms of price and time. Transportation by road is very flexible and convenient as there are many routes that can used.

Railway transport is an area that is still developing, and new connections are opened. Currently, there is no direct rail connection from Guangzhou to Europe. Still, it is possible to use a multimodal transport that combines truck and rail freight within the One Belt, One Road initiative.

How much does it cost to ship from Canton?

The price of the shipment depends on a few factors: the chosen transportation method, what kind of goods you transport, the weight of the shipment, and distance. If you want to know what the transportation cost from Canton is for your freight, you can check it on ShipHub. On ShipHub, you can request a free quote and find reliable freight forwarders that will organize the transport for you. See the examples below:

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