Shipping from Shanghai to Rotterdam

Shanghai, located on the eastern coast of China, close to the Yangtze River, is an excellent gateway for trading with China and the rest of Asia. Rotterdam, for comparison, is Europe’s largest port and a key hub for international trade. Both of those cities play a crucial role on their continents in terms of international trade. The connectivity between them supports the flow of goods and enhances the supply chain between Asia and Europe, developing trading relationships. This article discusses shipping from Shanghai to Rotterdam.

Shipping from Shanghai to Rotterdam

Shanghai and Rotterdam are complementary economies. China is a significant exporter of manufactured goods, and the Netherlands is known for its expertise in logistics and distribution. The differences in their areas of expertise allow China and the Netherlands to support each other’s development and engage in trade, which is beneficial for both.

Chinese companies have invested in various sectors in the Netherlands, supporting their business. Similarly, plenty of Dutch companies have established connections in Shanghai and other cities in China, especially in industries being the Netherlands’ areas of expertise. In summary, the relationship between Rotterdam and Shanghai is stable and mutually beneficial.

Sea freight from Shanghai to Rotterdam

Sea shipping usually takes longer than air freight but is also more environmentally friendly and cheaper. The typical process takes around 27 days. Therefore, goods with a short expiration date should not be shipped by sea.

Before shipping from Shanghai to Rotterdam, you have to choose between FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load). The FCL or LCL will be more suitable for you depending on the type of goods.

The Port of Shanghai (SIGP)

A significant part of the Shanghai Port is a Free Trade Zone, which eliminates many tariffs and taxes, making shipping more accessible and less expensive. The Shanghai Port is connected to many major seaports in the world and is a great hub for international shipping. By being the world’s largest container port, its leading position leaves no doubts about its importance.

The Port of Shanghai handles mainly coal, metal-ore, petroleum and petroleum products, steel, machinery, and equipment. Its area is over 3,600 km2. This port is the only one in China that accepts LCL IMO cargo.


The Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s principal port. It is located in the Netherlands and is a central maritime trade hub. Known for its business port, it is also regarded for its innovative power and sustainability.

The Port of Rotterdam is known for being the largest and most significant port in Europe. The area of the port is 105 km2. The port aims for the title of the Smartest Port and is committed to reducing GHG emissions.

the Port of Rotterdam

Air freight from Shanghai to Rotterdam

Air freight from Shanghai to Rotterdam usually takes only a few days. However, the time of shipment may be longer depending on the weather conditions. Air shipping is not only faster than sea shipping but also often offers tracking services. Air freight is recommended for transporting fragile goods since it is much safer for them than sea freight.

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Airports in Shanghai

Shanghai does not have an airport dedicated to cargo shipment. However, Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) handle significant cargo volumes yearly.

Airports in Shanghai

Airport in Rotterdam

Even though Rotterdam is known for its extensive cargo handling and logistics capabilities, it does not have an airport dedicated to cargo shipment. However, it has several cargo airports that cater to cargo operations. The most used air freight airport in the Rotterdam region is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS).

Airport in Rotterdam

Is there a rail freight from Shanghai to Rotterdam?

Railway transportation is the most suitable one when it comes to bulky goods. Rail freight is highly efficient since it is also a fuel-efficient way of transportation. Rail freight also usually offers a GPS tracking service, which provides extra protection for the goods. Rail shipping is usually also the cheapest option. It’s also generally faster than sea freight.

Rail freight from Rotterdam to Shanghai

There is no direct connection from Shanghai to Rotterdam. However, the closest one is from Linyi to Rotterdam. The estimated transit time for this route is 29 days.

How much does it cost to ship from Shanghai to Rotterdam?

One of the crucial factors in making the final decision for the most suitable way of shipment is the price. It is essential to compare the price of both air freight and sea freight. One of the most significant decisions is finding a trustworthy forwarder.

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