Shipping from China to Morocco

Over the past 25 years, the exports of China to Morocco have increased at an annual rate of about 14.7%, with the main products of interest being broadcasting equipment, tea, and pile fabric. Morocco is an ideal country for Chinese investment in Africa because of its stable regulatory environment and role as a gateway to West African countries. It is also China’s seventh-largest trading partner in Africa. This article discusses shipping from China to Morocco.

Shipping from China to Morocco – means of transport

Ocean freight from China to Morocco

Ocean (sea) freight is the most popular option chosen by Moroccan importers due to its advantages. The main reason for this is that sea transport solutions allow the shipping of smaller and larger shipments for a lower price. Sea freight is particularly suitable for shipping a large number of goods.

When transporting goods via ocean, you can choose either LCL (Less Container Load) or FCL (Full Container Load) shipping. Less Container Load means that the space in the container is shared between several shippers. LCL is recommended for smaller shipments that do not need to be delivered quickly and is usually more cost-effective. The Full Container Load means that one container is booked entirely by one importer/exporter. FCL is best if you need a lot of container space.

How long does sea shipping from China to Morocco take?

The disadvantage of sea shipping is that it takes longer than other shipping methods. Sea shipping from China to Morocco takes around 34-37 days on average. Therefore, you should choose your shipping method according to your needs.

Main cargo seaports in China

  • Port of Shanghai (CNSGH) is one of China’s main gateways for foreign trade and the world’s largest seaport, accounting for about ¼ of China’s total cargo traffic.
  • Ningbo-Zhoushan Port (CNNGB) is the third busiest container port in the world after Shanghai and Singapore. It is located on the coast of the East China Sea.
  • Port of Shenzhen (CNSZX) is a collective name for several ports on the coast of Shenzhen, located in the south of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province.
  • Port of Guangzhou (CNXSA) is the second most important economic and transportation hub for the Pearl River Delta region.
  • Port of Hong Kong (HKKCO) is the fifth largest seaport in China, operating in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.
biggest seaports in China

Main cargo seaports in Morocco

  • Port of Tangier (MATNG) has been at the top of the ranking since 2013, with its main activity of container handling accounting for more than 35% of total port traffic in 2015. This seaport also manages additional domestic traffic such as grains, hydrocarbons, and roll-on/roll-off after the transfer of cargo activity from Tangier City.
  • Port of Casablanca (MACAS) is a multi-purpose port with a strong emphasis on trade. It spans 450 acres, with 256 acres of open area and more than 8 kilometers of quays. It has the capacity to manage up to 40 ships at once. Furthermore, it is the leading Moroccan port in terms of domestic traffic, accounting for 31%, and indeed the second port in terms of domestic traffic, accounting for 23%.
  • Port of Jorf Lasfar (MAJFL) ranks third with 22.7 Mt of traffic, accounting for 20.6 percent of total domestic traffic. This port benefits from the Cherifian Office for Phosphates (OCP), which accounts for over half of the entire volume of ships. This port is mostly used to import coal, petroleum coke, grains, hydrocarbons, and fertilizer exportation.  
  • Port of Mohammedia (MAMOH) is the country’s fourth busiest, with 7.2% of traffic, although it has seen substantial reductions as the city’s oil sector has declined.
biggest seaports in Morocco

Air freight from China to Morocco

Air freight is undoubtedly the fastest and safest way to ship cargo. It is perfect for shipping fragile and high-value products. Its speed is crucial when transporting goods that need to be delivered quickly. The disadvantage is the relatively high price compared to other modes of transport. Because of these factors, it is advisable to choose this shipping method when transporting luxury goods or time-sensitive foodstuffs, for example.

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How long does air shipping from China to Morocco take?

The delivery time of a shipment from China to Morocco by air freight is approximately 10 days.

Main cargo airports in China

  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) is the main international airport serving the city of Shanghai, the third-largest airport hub in the world and the second-largest in China.
  • Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) is the second largest cargo airport in the world, handling half of Hong Kong’s external trade (note: HK is not part of mainland China).
  • Beijing Capital International (PEK) is the third largest cargo airport in China, located 32 km northeast of the center of Beijing.
biggest airports in China

Main cargo airports in Morocco

  • Agadir Al Massia Airport (GAA) is located in the commune of Temsia, 20 km southeast of Agadir itself.
  • Cherif Al Idrissi Airport (HUA) is the second-busiest airport in the Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region of northern Morocco. The airport is named after the 12th-century Moroccan geographer and cartographer Al-Idrisi.
  • Mohammed V International Airport (CMN) was the busiest airport in Morocco and one of the top 10 busiest airports in Africa, with approximately 7.6 million passengers per year.
biggest airports in Morocco

Rail freight from China to Morocco

Thanks to the launch of the first-ever rail-sea multimodal transport line linking Chengdu with Europe and Africa, with Casablanca as the final destination, it is now possible to choose this mode of transport.

The only mode of transport currently available is from Chengdu to Casablanca, with a stop in Germany where the cargo is reloaded onto a ship.

How long does it take to ship by rail from China to Morocco?

The approximate time of shipping via rail is 35 days.

How much does it cost to ship from China to Morocco?

The shipping cost depends on several factors, such as the type of cargo, its size, the mode of transport, the route, and the distance. To choose the best carrier, get shipping quotes from multiple carriers on our website

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