Shipping cost to Belgium

Belgium is one of the top trading countries in the world. It has a well-developed transportation network with one of the biggest cargo airports and container ports in Europe. Shipping rates vary based on many factors. Below we compare container, rail, air, and road shipping cost to Belgium.

Shipping cost to Belgium – how to calculate freight charges?

Freight charges or freight rates/costs are paid to the freight forwarder/carrier for transporting goods from the point of origin to the destination. The overall shipping costs are based on:

  • export/import haulage
  • export/import fee, including customs clearance
  • the mode of transportation (freight train, cargo ship, truck, or cargo plane)
  • shipment origin and destination (distance and route)
  • additional packaging, tapes, and alike
  • time of the year
  • freight dimensions, weight, and the commodity
  • service charges, such as origin and destination handling (THC, VGM, seal charges in terms of container shipping)
  • other factors.

Freight rates are under constant change. There are many factors that may cause an increase in freight costs, changing shipping costs overnight.

You can always choose multimodal transportation, but it is the core mode of transportation that impacts the speed and cost the most:

  • sea freight is cost-effective for any size of cargo so that you can ship large volumes of cargo; the downside is that it is high-risk, so we recommend getting a cargo insurance
  • rail freight is a reliable and eco-friendly mode of transportation; however, it is more expensive than sea freight
  • road transportation is a cost-effective, flexible door-to-door service, but it may be slower and more expensive than rail over long distances
  • air freight is the most expensive method of shipping, but it is a low-risk mode of transportation, plus the delivery time for longer distances is the shortest.
Modes of transport transit time and costs
General comparison of modes of transport: transit time vs. cost

Sea freight to Belgium (Antwerp) – 20 ft and 40 ft in USD

Seaborne trade accounts for about 90% of the international trade. The biggest container port in Belgium is the port of Antwerp. It is also in the world’s top 15 container ports and boasts over 800 destinations. Here are some of the routes to Antwerp port in Belgium with container freight rates, both for 20 ft and 40 ft. Bear in mind that the price for a Full Container Load is different than Less than Container Load, where you have to calculate CBM to estimate the shipping cost.

Container (FCL) freight costs from Asia to Belgium

  • Cambodia (Sihanoukville) $6,270; $13,100
  • China (Beijing) $7,120; $11,750
  • China (Shanghai) $4,200; $8,400
  • Hong Kong (Hong Kong) $7,120; $11,750
  • India (Mumbai) $6,340; $7,7120
  • Indonesia (Jakarta) $6,270; $10,970
  • Japan (Tokyo) $7,700; $12,500
  • Jordan (Aqaba) $7,780; $8,930
  • Kuwait (Shuwaikh) $6,960; $8,130
  • Laos (Vientiane) $2,480; $2,750
  • Malaysia (Port Kelang) $440; $500
  • Oman (Salalah) $6,920; $8,050
  • Pakistan (Karachi) $7,820; $8,400
  • Philippines (Manila) $7,890; N/A
  • Singapore (Singapore) $4,200; $8,400
  • South Korea (Busan) $7,700; $14,700
  • Taiwan (Kaohsiung) $6,710; $11,550
  • Thailand (Laem Chabang) $5,880; $11,000
  • UAE (Jebel Ali) $5,460; $6,640
  • Vietnam (Saigon) $2,670; $8,400

Container (FCL) freight costs from South America to Belgium

  • Antigua and Barbuda (St John’s) $250; N/A
  • Argentina (Buenos Aires) $4,230; $230
  • Aruba (Oranjestad) N/A; $230
  • Brazil (Santos) N/A; $4,900
  • Mexico (Manzanillo) $2,200; $2,100
  • Uruguay (Montevideo) $4,230; $4,730
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Container (FCL) freight costs from North America to Belgium

  • Canada (Toronto) $760; $1,000
  • Canada (Vancouver) $2,100; $2,450
  • US (Los Angeles) $1,350; $1,540
  • US (New York) $500; $530

Container (FCL) freight costs from Europe to Belgium

  • Andorra (Andorra la Vella) $1,000; $1,200
  • Austria (Vienna) $240; N/A
  • Croatia (Rijeka) $1,700; $2,950
  • Finland (Helsinki) $1,301; $1,960
  • Isle of Man (Douglas) $1,060; $1,400
  • Latvia (Riga) $1,030; $1,450
  • Lithuania (Klaipeda) $2,490; N/A
  • Netherlands (Rotterdam) $6,960; $8,140
  • Poland (Gdansk) $1,240; $1,740
  • Portugal (Lisbon) $880; $1,250
  • Russia (Saint Petersburg) $1,050; $1,350
  • Spain (Valencia) $1,340; $1,080
  • Sweden (Gothenburg) $980; $1,260
  • Switzerland (Basel) $1,800; $2,200

*Estimated rates for shipping consumer goods accurate as of early 2022. For actual rates request a tailored quote on

Shipping cost to Belgium – where to find freight forwarders?

How much does it cost to ship to Belgium? Freight rates depend on such factors as shipment origin, destination, packaging, date, and size combined with weight. is a platform where you can easily compare freight forwarders’ offers and choose the best one for you. You can choose whichever mode of transportation you prefer (cargo ship, freight train, or cargo plane). Simply fill in the form and get tailored free quotes!

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